Factory in England

Manufacturing Operations in England.

Precision Research (Milo Cripps) was retained to create a complete startup manufacturing division in England to produce Plastic Bathtubs, Showers, and other products in high volume.

A 60,000 sq. ft., factory was provided by the client (Glynwed Ltd.) and from zero all product designs, tooling and conveyorized manufacturing operations were completed in 10 months.

The Task:
In 1974 Glynwed, then England largest building products conglomerate, had been producing 'Cast Iron' Bathtubs, Shower Stalls and Sinks, for over 30 years. However Fiberglass had made its entry into the industry and Glynwed had not developed such capabilities, and was beginning to loose market share. The company had made the decision to make its entry and intended to employ the concept of Acrylic/Fiberglass as pioneered by Mr. Cripps founder of 'The Plastics Group' in 1971.

In evaluating the technology, Glynwed identified 'The Plastics Group' founded by Milo Cripps in Los Angeles as the leading company in the USA manufacturing Fiberglass Reinforced Acrylic Bathtubs, Shower Stalls and Sinks. Glynwed then retained Mr. Cripps as 'Consultant Manager' to direct all activities of the proposed operations in England.

Glynwed provided a 60,000 sq. ft., empty facility in Birmingham, and was the source of all required capital. Milo Cripps only requirement was to report to a Member of Glynweds Board, and agreed to reside approximately for 40% of his time in England, in order to manage the emerging enterprise.

History of events during the next 10 months:

  • Developed business plans, resource requirements, budgets and schedules
  • Developed product design concepts and tooling: Bathtubs, Shower Stalls etc.
  • Formed a design team for products, tooling and manufacturing engineering
  • Designed the factory layout, resources and specified all equipment
  • Purchased 80% of equipment from the USA to achieve fast implementation
  • Purchased molds and vacuum tooling locally and from California
  • Managed implementation of machines, equipment and conveyor operations
  • Developed parallel prototyping programs validate concepts ahead of time
  • Established procurement and inventory control capability
  • Hired required management staff
  • Developed sales resources in conjunction with Glynwed staff
  • Commenced production of to 200 bathtubs/day and 300 Sinks/day.
During following months as sales increased, Mr. Cripps continued to resolve the inevitable problems associated with a fast growing production operation.

In the following year, Mr. Cripps worked with a new permanent Manager for the business, and also continued both in operational development, and also assisted in sales functions and arranged for a line of Shower Doors Enclosures to be imported from the USA into the product line.

Mr. Cripps continued his relationship with Glynwed for the next 25 years in many roles including: Automation, business planning activities, equipment development and various tasks in rubber and plastics production.

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